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CELTA assignment 1: LRST 1. TEXT AND RATIONALE: The text I am selecting is a description of a clown who works in a circus, and a description of his everyday life. I chose this text for the following reasons: -INTEREST: Recent research has indicated that how interesting a text is will affect students' cognitive performance. This kind of "interestingness," or text-based interest, was the focus of the study […] a content analysis performed on the recall protocols showed that the

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o A cook
o A musician
o A clown

Although the answer to the question cannot be found within the text as a word, once students have read the text they will have a general idea of what YOYO does. However, it is easy to find in the text that he cannot play instruments, and since it says he is an actor, learner will have no problem in finding the correct answer.
Once they find out he is a clown, they will put together all the information gathered about YOYO and put it in the group “clown” and that means that they associate YOYO with the information they previously had about clowns, knowing him better in that way.


Work in pairs. Answer the following questions:

o Where does YOYO live?
o What can YOYO do?
o What can´t YOYO do?
o How many hours does YOYO work?
o What languages does YOYO speak?
o What food does YOYO like?

This time, learners will need to search for specific information from the text. They are not required to write full sentences to answer the questions, but they have to write at least the information as it is in the text. This might appeal difficult for some learners that have difficulties with writing, and for that reason they do the activity in pairs.



The usual way of teaching students how to describe a person is writing a description. However, some of these students are at a beginners level, and they might
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