Essay on Cell Phones Has Changed Today

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Cell phones have been around for almost four decades and continue to improve along with technology. The evolution of the cell phones has changed overtime and is still improving as of today. As for now, cellphones have been around for almost four decades. The different aspects of using a cell phone have changed throughout the years. Back in the day cell phones have was just a standard small size that only could be used for calling. Now it has gradually transitioned into a smart phone that has the capability to do almost anything. Society has definitely been impacted by cell phones. According to a research study, Aaron Smith states that
Nearly two-thirds of American adults (64%) now own a smartphone of some kind, up from 58% in early 2014. Smartphone ownership has increased by 29 percentage points since Pew Research conducted its first survey of smartphone ownership in the spring of 2011, when 35% of Americans were smartphone owners. (p.3) The statistics show that the percentage is rising each year in the United States due to Americans owning some sort of smartphone. This shows that in today’s society, cellphones are a must have in order to stay connected with the social world. Since the increasing use of cellphones, there have also been a growing statistics as the negative impact of it outweighs the positive. A study in the year 2012 reported in the United States on cellphones and its negative impacts. Each age group from young adults to the elder adults was surveyed to…

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