Celia Garth, By Gwen Bristow Essay

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In the novel Celia Garth, by Gwen Bristow, many characters have striking personalities such as Luke and Celia. Bristow does exquisite work providing the reader an in depth view of the characters. During the time of the Revolution certain aspects of everyday life were challenging. surviving the war took bravery. The author uses historic accuracy and examples to show the trait of bravery through an abundance of characters. Bravery is not a word not to explain the modest act. Everyone; however, should be brave. Whether is is asking a girl out on a romantic date, or standing up to someone who has bullied in the past. Society needs to establish a sense of bravery throughout their lifetime. Most people are shy when they are a toddler and have to develop bravery to talk to someone they generally would not. Sadly, towards the end of our lifetime , we accept our life is closing and the gates of heaven will soon appear, which is an incredibly brave task to undertake. If one does not develop bravery, denial will stew inside us right up until the moment we take the final breath of life and delve into the depths of afterlife. Not being in denial is a daunting task; however, if one develops bravery we would live our last moments to the fullest and leave the world with a message. Gwen Bristow, the author of Celia Garth shows this trait through many characters.
Bristow uses an abundance of characters to depict bravery throughout the novel. Few of main characters stick out tremendously and…

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