The Watergate Scandal In The United States

The Watergate Scandal, who provoke the only resignation of a president in the history of the United State, occurred in the period between 1972 to 1975. This was the biggest political scandal in the American nation to this day. In like manner, involved not just the president of the country Richard Nixon, but also a some members of the Republican Administration during the election campaign of 1972. According to the book, America A Narrative History, Vol. 2 (Emory, D. & Brown, G. 2016), “ By the spring of 1972, senior Nixon aide John Ehrlichman was overseeing a secret team of agents who performed various acts of sabotage against Democrats, such as falsely accusing Democratic senators Hubert H. Humphrey and Henry Jackson of sexual improprieties, …show more content…
in this case the press played a decisive role. Specially two reporters from the newspaper Washington Post, Bob Woodward and Jonathan Bernstein. These two journalists published on August of 1972 the news that the attempted theft in Democratic headquarters the Watergate building had been paid with funds from CREEP. For a few months, the Washington Post published advance notes related with the judicial investigations and Senate. This caused that the newspaper was found under extreme pressure. The source of Woodward and Bernstein was known as deep gorge. Thirty years after the scandal broke the name of the source was made public, Mark Felt, a deputy director of the FBI. Moreover, in relation to investigation in Congress and the Senate. The discoveries made by the press and the court make the legislative chambers also decide to investigate. In a declaration before a research committee of the Senate, John Dean who was the Nixon’s lawyer, state that the president has a recording system, and that routinely are recorded all the conversation and phone calls. When they are asked to the White House deliver the recordings, Nixon refuses, thus initiating a scandal that stretches over time. When the president finally delivers the recording, missing material and some recordings have been delated. Months after, Nixon delivers some transcriptions related with the before material that had not previously provided. Nevertheless, until then, they had 64 recordings. At the moment when the recordings were delivered, Nixon 's fate is already decided. Through the recordings, they could see that Nixon had tried, just after the entry into Watergate that the CIA tried to convinced the FBI to not investigate the

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