Cause Of Russian Revolution Essay

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One of the many problems Russia had that led to the eventual outbreak of the Russian Revolution and the creation of the Communist Party was that they had a lot of economic issues. These economic issues troubled Russia before, during and after World War One. Russia 's army was ill- equipped. Russia did not have strong munitions industry and supplies couldn 't be shipped by the allies. Troops frequently ran out of weapons and had to wait for someone to be killed or injured to get weapons. On estimate, every 1 of out 3 Russian soldiers was sent to the front without a weapon and had to fight sometimes with swords and pitchforks which weren 't very effective. (1) Russia 's economy wasn 't very stable and what little industry Russia had was mostly …show more content…
This event led to Russia 's civil war. The civil war entered after the October Revolution of 1917. Many groups didn 't like the Bolsheviks so they formed an army against him. They were called the Whites because white was the traditional colour of royalty. The wanted the czar back in power.The whites also had other countries fighting with them. Including Britain, France, Japan, and the United States. Lenin and the Bolsheviks were called the Reds because red was the colour of revolution. The civil war started in October 1917 and ended in October 1922. Lenin imposed war communism to ensure victory. Farmer 's crops were taken without payment. Workers were forbidden to strike and were placed under military discipline. Farmers refused to plant crops because the didn 't want the government to take them. This led to a famine that killed 7.5 million Russians. The red army eventually won due to the lack of coordination and leadership of the White army. When the allied troops left the whites were weakened. People were frustrated with the whites. The Red 's controlled the cities and had easy access to supplies. Lenin and the bolsheviks controlled "The secret police called the 'CHECKA ' which unleashed a brutal attack which was a key element to winning the civil

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