Causes Of The Dust Bowl

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The Dust Bowl began on Thursday, April 18, 1935, it was a huge, black, cloud of dirt, piled up on the western horizon. This storm was enormous and deadly. The Dust Bowl affected Oklahoma, Texas, parts of Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico. These states were vulnerable to the dust storm for their lack of rainfall, light soil, and high winds. As a result, soil lacked the strong roots of grass in order to stay in place, this made it easier for high, hectic winds to get a hold of the soil. Years before the Dust Bowl, ranchers and farmers looking for new land to grow crops and maintain livestock stumble across this land. Hoping to finally settle down and start their business; however, on 1935, the very land that gave them hope, now gave them despair …show more content…
As a results, this is one of the causes of The Dust Bowl. NASA concluded that Jet Stream was primarily the cause of the drought. As a result, due to the Jet Stream, in 1931 to 1939, it created dry and high temperatures. Weather patterns created a shortage of water in the mid-west of the U.S. Furthermore, low level winds reduce the advance of the normal winds in which it made the Gulf of Mexico dryer. Because the Gulf of Mexico war dryer, the U.S was experiencing shortage of rainfall especially around the Midwest regions. The Midwest regions started to slowly dry out and threatening the farmers. Since the lack of rain decrease the water supply that is needed for the farmers to be able to produce crops, it made it to almost impossible for crops to be grown.
One reason most of the states did not prepare for the Dust Bowl was that most farmers and people ignored the radio warnings. Because the Dust Bowl was ignored, it resulted from a bigger and a more surprising disaster that was ever expected. Farmers could of prevented the loss of their livestock instead of letting their animals run around in circles into the dust has filled their lungs to the point they could no longer breathe. The beautiful grass lands that were filled with crops such as wheat were no longer there because of the massive drought that was

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