Causes Of The Civil War - Slavery Essay

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Causes of the Civil War - Slavery
From 1861 to 1865 America was in a state of civil war, with eleven southern states attempting to succeed and become their own nations. This war was caused by a variety of issues, slavery foremost amongst them. Many other factors that contributed to the outbreak of war within American states were directly or indirectly related to slavery, such as the election of Abraham Lincoln – who was an abolitionist (wanting the end of slavery), loss of states’ rights if slavery was outlawed throughout the nation – and a lack of ability of states to choose their way of life. The large abolitionist movement in the north was another factoring leading to civil war, another factor caused by slavery and the status of African Americans.
Slavery was first introduced to America by a Dutch ship in the early 17th century, and lawfully existed in some states for over 200 years. Throughout this time it, along with the treatment of African-American people, were both highly debated topics, creating a division between the two major political parties of the time – the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. The Gag Order of 1836 – which ended the debate and discussion on the topic of slavery within congress contributed to the collapse of political process during the period of 1850-1860. A geographical rift also appeared between the north, who were primarily based on industry, and the south – who after the invention of the cotton mill by Eli Whitney had an economy…

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