Causes Of The Civil War In The United States

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By reading through all documents related about the civil war in United States, it seems that all of them were focus slavery issues in America. Evesnts like the debate over the slavery in 1860, the bloody confrontation in Kansas in 1854 to 1861, and presidential elections where Abraham Lincoln was participating in 1860, were some events that increase the conflict between the two parties.
First, one of the most important event about the beginning of the slavery’s issues was the debate over slavery in the west of United States, where it was debated several issues about the slavery in the South of the United States, like the expansion of the economy in the South by enslaved labor, and the increase of slave’s number in the country. Although northers
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In his article about the civil war in America, he focused on the issues of slavery in the South of America, especially the insane increasing of slaves numbers that the South were getting to use them in the cotton factories. For example, he made the point that in the same period, the number of slaves increased from 500,000 to more than 4 million of slaves in the South. He could agree that because the situation of slavery in United States was getting out of control, it was a matter of time that a great confrontation between the two sides could be the only solution to dissolve this system that South has been using for many years. By the fact that the government do not want to push more the situation against the slave’s owners in the South to avoid any future confrontation, it provoked the increase of tension between the North and the South, especially those who hate the slavery system that want to release them by any cost. Now, the argument of Paul Johnson, I can say that he could agree with this essay about that the South increase the issues with the slavery system, which it was the reason of the beginning of the civil war. While the North of United States was trying to find a way to free all the slaves, the South was getting more of them to their cotton industries and making the production of their products cheaper than ever. It is horrible

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