Causes Of Relative Poverty

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Relative poverty is a state of deprivation, lacking the usual or socially acceptable account of money or material possessions. Absolute poverty is true deprivation, lacking basic necessities of life, which is relatively uncommon in the USA and developed nations.
Global Perspective
In Brazil the causes of poverty are the lack of education, unemployment, and/or delay in implementing land reform. The children who have access to school do not get a good education, others need to work to supply the family’s income. So those people that don’t have an education eventually go into poverty from wrong choices or debt; and this keeps going in a cycle because then that person is going to have a family and then his or her children will have to supply
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In 2001, the world bank estimated that approximately 1.1 billion people live on one or less than one US dollar a day and 2.7 billion live on less than two dollars a day. Over the past century, there has been an improvement in the number of people living under one dollar a day.
However, much of this progress has been geographical. Even though 400 million people living in East Asia have moved above the absolute poverty line within the last 25 years, poverty has almost doubled in sub- Saharan Africa. People living in poverty have lower life expectation, higher levels of child mortality, and malnutrition. These problems are caused by a lack of education amongst the working young and a shortage of quality health care services. On a national level, some least developed countries owe high levels of debt to the richest countries, limiting their ability to foster national growth. When discussing absolute poverty in the world as a whole, there is a case for using a common standard for all countries. "It would clearly be questionable to conclude that an Indian living above India 's poverty line, but below (say) Brazil 's, is not poor in a global context, when we count
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I think this way because if you had a commitment to your schooling then you would have a successful life or at least one that was average. I mean average in the sense of having at least a one bedroom apartment being that it is just you living in that apartment and having a good salary. If you have a good job then you can save money and attend college. If you go down some streets you can most likely see someone holding up a sign saying that they need money or food but if they would have went to school it would no have been a

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