Organ Donation Problem

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In the last century, the average life expectancy in almost every country has increased dramatically due to the development of medical treatment, including organ transplantation. This medical method can potentially save and improve many patients’ lives, but unfortunately, there still are some difficulties in fulfilling its potential. This essay will illustrate the causes of the poor rates of organ donation and the possible solutions in three particular areas which are the health care system and laws, the lack of knowledge of medical staff, and the low level of public awareness.

Although in the past decade, many countries have attempted to change and remove some of the legal, medical, and social barriers to organ donation, however, the substantial
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First, according to the opt-out concept of consent, anyone can be a donor after their death, unless they have signed an objection document during their lifetime. People in countries that legislate presumed consent donate their organs because they accept the ideological concept of organ donation (Verheijde, Rady, McGregor, & Friederich-Murray, 2009). As a result, moving toward presumed consent is one of the best solutions to boost the organ donation rates. Similarly, extending donor criteria also greatly expand the donor pool. In Schweriger’s study, switching to an extended criterion resulting in a growth of 60.5% donors in 2002 because of reducing in the contraindication for donors (Schweiger et al., 2004). Finally, providing suitable education and raising social awareness at public and individual level are essential. Abouna (2008, p.34) asserts that education through academic learning in university and media for hospital and social worker in Europe over the several years has resulted in over 50% increase in organ donation. In Saudi Arabia, the strategies to improve the community awareness which include education, media, and survey have distributed over two million donation cards between 1989 to 1996. Using these three procedures, the organ donation rates can be accelerated over a short …show more content…
Furthermore, it has suggested potential approaches in order to enhance the organ donation rates, such as changing the organ donation policy, and contributing appropriate information both publicly and individually. It is true that medical personnel and private citizens are still unaware of the essentials of the organ donation process, but if the health organization and related departments in any country is conscious of the organ donation issues, they should be able to overcome

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