Global Warming Is Real

Global warming is a gradual rise in the average temperature of the earth’s oceans and its atmosphere which results to permanent climatic changes. Many discussions and debates have arisen on whether global warming is real or not. Some people have been referring to it as a hoax but according to climate scientists’ facts and data, it is very right to conclude that global warming is real. These scientists have analyzed that over the last one hundred years, the earth’s average temperature has risen by about 0.6℃ . Another important term to note while dealing with global warming is greenhouse effect which is the process by which the earth’s atmosphere gets more gases and other substances that make it thicker and thereby making it to
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Global warming has a number of impacts on people, oceans, temperature and ecosystems. There are more floods as well as droughts and this therefore puts many people at risk. The droughts result from the rise of temperatures as no plants are able to do well in those kinds of temperatures and climate. The sea level also rises as a result of global warming and greatly threatens people all over the world. According to scientists, the rise of sea levels is as a result of the melting of ice sheets due to global warming. This therefore means people near water bodies will be displaced to escape death. More storms are also experienced as a result of global warming. These storms are of great intensity and therefore become a big threat to people as they can result to deaths. The rise of temperature could also lead to extermination of many species and since most of these species of importance to human beings, it therefore results that they too are in great danger. The increased temperatures in the seas and oceans put great danger to the ocean ecosystem because coral reefs on which most of them depend for survival, disappears upon rise of temperature and increase in acid levels in the …show more content…
However, scientists have found a number of solutions which when combined can help minimize the amounts of greenhouse gases emitted and thereby reducing global warming. Energy used to heat, to cool or as power in homes and industries greatly contributes to global warming. If applied, energy efficiency technologies let people use much less energy which results to the same or better level of service or product. This therefore helps in reducing global warming. Transport is another great contributor of global warming. This is because vehicles release harmful gases such as carbon dioxide. To minimize this effect, mass transportation systems can be applied instead of having many vehicles and also avoiding the use of high-carbon fuels for vehicles. Renewable energy usage for instance wind and geothermal, minimizes pollution which in turn reduces global warming. The use of fossil fuel energy should also be done away with. This will help in reducing the amounts of harmful gases in the atmosphere which therefore reduces global warming. In addition to this, forests and agriculture should be maintained in the best way possible as plants use the carbon dioxide, a main cause of global warming, in making of their

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