Causes Of Failure In Society

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It has been said that society is responsible for our failures. Homelessness “thanks society!” Joblessness, “thanks society!” Helplessness, thanks Society!. Paul Osborne, Ed M even said “…problems are not seen as the results of individual’s actions or inactions, but caused by society. … It is society’s fault for not helping enough.” - LD Sat Study Guide, Paul Osborne, Ed.M. I am of course referring to our everyday issues that derive in the media, at our workplaces or in our home.
This oral presentation will focus on Australian society and our tendency to blame society for our misfortunes. By the end of my speech I hope to persuade you that ‘society’ is not to blame for our failures. Rather, it is ourselves we need to point the blame towards
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A significant concept within Australian society is the prevalence of subjective and generlised social norms. These social norms are the obvious or implied guidelines which classify acceptable behaviours within a society. In addition, social norms define our shared beliefs, morals and standards which we expect in a number of situations. We have created social norms sub-consciously through observing repeated behaviours in those around us. Further, social norms are considered a solution to discomfort and embarrassment. As well, all of our norms differ from person to person and respectfully tailored in the company of other social classes and groups. We know that what we may deem as acceptable, another may take offence to. Accordingly, ignorance of social norms, will result in disapproval, or estrangement from peers. People who don’t fit in may easily blame society in an effort to deflect self-blame, however are these people just being inflexible by nonconforming to society’s social …show more content…
Society is dynamic, i.e. the social norms and values are forever changing. For example, homosexuality is now becoming an acceptable norm, the colour of your skin no longer defines your status; women can now work and own property. Nowadays, despite gender, race, colour or creed we are all supposed to be considered equal and there is no expectation to be “perfect”. Yet, why is it so many of us are opposed to women breast-feeding in public, yet have no issue with masses of magazines covered with half naked women; each photo shopped within an inch of their lives; misrepresenting the average woman? On the topic of social views on appearance, why do we even still believe in the concept of perfection? Why are we socially constructing these impossible expectations of “beauty”? Why are we teaching young girls that, in order to be beautiful, you must weigh next to nothing? Why are we teaching young girls that physical beauty matters at all? Why is it that half the world are starving to death and the other half are trying to lose weight? Moreover, we still have an expectation that men adopt a masculine position within society and hinder them from behaving the way they may wish

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