Causes Of Child Abuse

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What is the start of child abuse? Is teenage pregnancy the start of child abuse? What can people do to prevent child abuse? In the world today, people will get pregnant and abuse their children because they are too young to have and care for a baby. Sometimes they will have so much going on as a teenager, even as an adult they are very busy. Many people do not have a care for child abuse if it is not their child. Kids everyday suffer from child abuse. Children should have a childhood to remember not one they want to forget. There are different types of abuse and neglect but
(Volpato) child abuse and sexual abuse is one of the most common abuses that could happen. There are different types of abuse that people could do to a child. Physical
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First, let them explain what happened, how it happened and when it happened in their own words. Do not ask leading questions, it might confuse them and make it a little harder for them to keep telling the story. Child abuse does not only happen in poor families or bad neighborhoods (Smith). Abuse happens to all races. Abuse just does not happen to poor people or certain races. It can happen to the ones no one really expect bad things to happen to. Most of the abusers are the ones really close to the one being abused. No one really thinks one of their family members would be an abuser. That first time somebody has recognized a child has been abused that person wonders if things are going on in the home. So they start to question their safety and ask themselves are the child being threatened and in danger. Once a child has been abused one of the effects are relationship difficulties. It can lead to difficulty maintaing relationships due to fear of being controlled or abused (Smith). Make sure somebody tells the child they have done nothing wrong. Reassure them that someone understands what they have said and they take this very …show more content…
No one really needs any evidence of abuse when they make a report. If they have a good instinct that someone is getting abused in a home, and they are not making things up, then call somebody. All they would need is reasonable cause or suspicion based on some observations they have made. Protecting children from abuse and neglect is a community responsibility (Recognizing). Most adults want to help the children and family, but do not want to get involved and have unnecessary drama. Sometimes it is just about helping out their neighbors and doing something good for them. In most states, professionals who work with children in any capacity are identified as “mandated reporters” and are required by law to report suspected child abuse or neglect (Recognizing). There are plenty of reasons many people do not report what they see or hear are because they are scared they might displeasure the family or are just frightened to make a

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