Essay on Causes for French Revolutoin

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Causes for French Revolution France was the most powerful and influential European country in the 17th and 18th century. However,the outbreak of French Revolution in 1789 shattered the long existing absolute monarchy, destroyed the classic Old Regime and put an end to the age of aristocratic privilege owned solely by the royal family and the nobility. Europe’s longest ruling monarchy was not dethroned overnight, but many different factors from multiple sources, piled-up grievances and contradictions that were long precipitated, contributed to the finality of a traditional system and led to the establish of a modern constitutional government, together with democracy and nationalism. Under the reign of Louis XIV and XV, France had been put …show more content…
Turgot earned his reputation as a “hard-nosed economic administrator” (from the Podcast 6) and won the trust from young and impressionate King Louis XVI. He later aimed at solving the internal financial policies including the uneven taxation system. He wrote to Louis XVI that “There must be no bankruptcy, no increases in taxation, and no borrowing”. (from Podcast 6). However, when he was pushing the Six


Edicts Law to enforcement, which was an act that could effectively achieve his goals mentioned in his letter, his proposals met furious resistance from the nobles, particularly the Parlement of Paris, whose bodies continuously deter the internal reformation to protect their own interest and defeated Turgot in this political game. Therefore, France lost his final chance of being dragged away from the fringe of national bankruptcy. Later on, newly appointed head of finances managed to embezzle large amounts from the American Independence war in which France was duped into. A series of unfortunate events regarding French economic decisions had pushed France onto a dangerous path that had made the radical reformation as French Revolution inevitable. The uneven taxation system mentioned above that partially contributed to the financial crisis had also led to a serious social turmoil. Before the French Revolution, French society was generally

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