Causes And Effects Of Noise Pollution: Cause And Effect

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Noise Pollution: Cause and Effect Sound is a beautiful thing. From the whimper of a new born baby to the waves rolling in from the ocean, sound is everywhere and enjoyed in some form by everyone, but at what point does sound become noise? What is noise? Webster defines noise as “a sound, especially one that is loud or unpleasant or that causes disturbance”. Is sounding unpleasant the only negative effect of noise? In small doses yes, but on a larger scale there are serious problems that can occur involving human health and environmental quality (“Noise Pollution”). Large scale noise that negatively effects the surrounding environment and population is called noise pollution, and as urbanization and the general population increase, so do the levels of noise pollution and the people effected. The question is, what causes noise pollution? Though there are many causes of noise pollution, there are solutions to control it. …show more content…
For starters, we’re growing in number and our cities are getting bigger and bigger. More people will naturally make more noise. The main cause of noise pollution comes from things that some consider necessity. Construction, highways, and industry such as factories and warehouses where heavy (and loud) machinery is used are all culprits of noise pollution (Foraster). All of the things listed are necessary for society to advance, but is there a way to control this noise pollution that is seemingly as needed as it is unwanted? There may be, but it is first important to be aware of other causes of noise pollution that could perhaps be more easily

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