Causes And Effects Of Islamic Terrorism

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orism and Its Effects A Lebanese woman quivers in fear as she clasps her hand tightly over her infant’s lips in an attempt to hush his whimpering. A Sunni man is pillaging through her home in search for its Christian occupants. He soon uncovers her and her child behind a faded woven basket. The Sunni Arab rips the shrieking infant from her arms and tramples the baby as the mother is dragged out of sight by other armed Sunni attackers. Many atrocities of this nature have occurred as a result of differing religious ideology in the Middle East. The subject of Islamic terrorism and its origins are often complex and controversial; however, one truth is undeniable. The origin of Islamic terror permeates from the Quran’s demands to rid the earth of infidels and to shame moderate Muslims, leaving devastating effects. Barbaric consequences are forced upon those who are unbelievers. The Quran demands the slaughtering of Christians and other religions in over 109 verses (The Religion of Many of which encourage mutilation of their captives, “I will cast terror into the heart of those who …show more content…
For example, in Uganda, three Muslim men raped and brutally battered a nineteen year old Christian girl on her way home from school ( Morning Star News). In another case, several Muslim men beat a Christian man to death in his home in Portland, Maine. A blood splattered Bible was placed strategically next to his mutilated body to cast fear on those who discovered the body (Portland Press Harold). On a larger scale, a North African terrorist group called Boko Haram slaughtered 2,000 Christians, kidnapped 200 Christian girls, and bombed hundreds of churches in order to remove all followers of Christ from their territory (CNN News). Evidence of the Caliphate’s intention is obvious, and the result is bloodshed for thousands of

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