The Problem Of Religious Belief In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

The destructible aspect of believes Religious belief is the creation of human beings before recorded history to honor the phenomenon that is considered "super natural" at that time. It is a reflection of the curiosity of humans, their fear of nature, and their pursuit of protection against death and eternal life.
Throughout human history, religious belief plays an important role in uniting people, helping them establish spiritual peacefulness, and motivating them to contribute to the improvement of the societies, etc. In the play, "The Crucible" written by Author Miller, it reveals certain truths about the problem of religious belief in society, how some people behave due to their believes and how their behavior can affect other
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In the play, "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller,
Abigail and her friends tell lies that they work for the devil and blame other people of witchcraft in order to escape from hanging(849). The false confessions of the people in the play "The
Crucible" are the behaviors that are far beyond their personal intention or purpose. They confesses to working with the devil simply because it is determined by the people 's belief in
Salem that any people with relation to the devil must be hung and the judges demand their confession and promise that the charged people will not be executed as long as they confess that they have worked for the devil and blame other people who have also worked for the devil. Since survival is the most basic instinct of human, their behaviors are not intended and based on the initial reaction of a human under the threat of death. Moreover, in "The Crucible" by Arthur
Miller, Reverend Hale is forced to participate in sending innocent people like John Proctor to witch trial and eventually they will be hung(887). In this case, Mr. Hale has to arrest the
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Also, in "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller , John Procter makes a false confession that he has worked for the devil before the execution so that he won 't be hung(885). He lies because he doesn 't want to die. Although he is truly innocent, he has to do whatever is demanded from the judge who have religious belief in order to survive. In all cases, the outcome is always injustice for all of them and opposed to their own personal intention since they have to do what is required by the law. Secondly, innocent people may be hurt or even killed by the extremists of some believes.
In the play, "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller, John Procter and Rebecca Nurse, who are arrested and sent to jail are all eventually sentenced to be hung by the court(886). They will be hung because they either don 't admit that they have worked for the devil or not willing to provide written confession about their sin. In this case, the execution is irrational decisions based on the people 's religious belief in Salem and the irrational mind of judges of the witch trial. The judges are extremely fearful that the people who have worked for the devil will bring misfortune

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