Causes And Effects Of China 's One Child Policy Essay

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What are the causes and effects of China 's one-child policy? Have you ever heard China 's one-child policy? Since 1979, China began to appear such an unusual and large groups, they don 't have any of brothers or sisters, their parents gave them all the love, they are called as "little emperors." And they are the product of China 's one- child policy, only children. Due to overpopulation, China 's government implemented one-child policy, resulting in gender imbalance and aging population. Overpopulation is a significant issue in China since 66 years ago. Overcrowding became a symbol of China since early 1950. During the period of Mao, the birth rate fell a lot in 1982. Then Mao put forward said "More and more people is a good thing." in the early 1950s. In the 1960s, China 's government encouraged families that to born children as many as they can because Mao believes that population could lead China developing faster. Therefore, China 's population was grown very quickly, and it was grown near 3 percent a year. The result of that is outpacing the food supply which means there were too many people but not enough food. At that time, Mao 's another policy called Great Leap Forward for the outpace the food supply. Great Leap Forward is in 1958 to the first half of 1960, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, People 's Republic of China took place in trying to use the sufficient local labor force and buoyant enthusiasm of the masses in industry and agriculture…

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