Causes And Consequences Of Meat Essay examples

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Ribs are an important part of numerous humans’ appetite in the United States. As yummy as these juice ribs are, they aren’t the best for our bodies and health. We usually get ribs from pigs, but pigs aren’t born and raised in the cleanest places which results in diseases. This affects humans because we love to consume these animals. The production of ribs doesn’t benefit the environment either. As you can see, there are positives and negatives about eating ribs, and hopefully the negatives will become positives over time through science. Ribs can come from a variety of animals, but we are going to talk about ribs that come from pigs. Pigs mostly eat fruits, vegetables, and sometimes even bugs. Food isn’t the only thing helping the pigs of America grow. Antibiotics have been given to pigs to help increase their growth. Antibiotics are bacteria-killing drugs. This drug increases the chance of bacteria becoming resistant to it, and it increases the risk of drug resistant infections in humans. There have been studies that prove that when scientists try to fatten pigs with drugs, the results aren’t very good. Antibiotics have helped increase growth rates and feed efficiencies. With the help of antibiotics, young pigs have grown twelve to fifteen percent faster. It has also been proven that pigs needed less feed to reach their full weight. Back then, all pigs were born and raised in the same places, so the diseases would constantly spread from one pig to another.…

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