Causes And Consequences Of Drought Essay

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Almonds are healthy but maybe not so ideal for areas experiencing shortages on water. Almonds take a lot of water to produce yet this does not seem to be stopping farmers from growing them. Cameron explains that it "takes 1.1 gallons to produce a single almond" (pg 9). With roughly 275 almonds in one pound and 600 million pounds of almonds grown per year, the revenue a crewed does not seem worth the cost of the aquifers. One simple, yet brilliant way to guard against the consequences of drought is to find a solution that uses resources without causing repercussions in other areas. Fog catchers imitate beetles from the Namin Desert, which have been using fog as drinking water for ages (Cameron Pg. 4). Cameron describes how the "bumpy shell features a hydrofilic butt, which raises in the air to create a layer of condensation when fog rolls in- that condensation rolls down onto a hydrophobic portion of the shell and the beetle is able to drink freshly-harvested water in the middle of the dessert" (pg 4). Fog catchers do exactly as the beetle in the desert except a large net is used instead of a shell. This great innovation is a great tool for areas who do not receive as much rain but do get good amounts of fog. There is a company out of Canada claiming to be able to do some amazing things with its fog collection system. "According to Columbia University their "[f]og collection projects have used 2 to 100 fog collectors, and depending on the location, each panel can…

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