Cause Violence Among Juveniles And Increase Gun Acquisition Amongst Minors

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In our Perspective’s on Youth Violence class we have read many texts about how different factors increase or decrease violence in different communities. Some factors that stand out are victimization, violence exposure, poverty, masculine identify development, an adolescent brain development. A negative exposure to these factors will, in my opinion, cause violence amongst juveniles and increase gun acquisition amongst minors. In this essay, I’m going to go over each factor stated above and explain why I believe it has the effect that it does on young people.
First, there is victimization, defined as causing someone to be treated unfairly or made to feel as if he or she is in a bad position. In the text this was explained as how the system of privilege can make people who are unprivileged in some way (the “wrong” economic class, race, gender, etc) into victims by providing them with less or giving them unsavory reputations that open them up to negative feelings and/or abuse.
Second, there is violence exposure. Those who live in places like ghettos, cities, or other crime ridden areas are more likely to be exposed to violence which can cause them to become used to and okay with such behavior. Even leading to the development of games like Knockout, where a group of kids will sneak up some unsuspecting person and hit them very hard with the intent to knock them out.
Third, there is poverty. Poverty is a factor that acts like a virus of sorts. It starts with having no income…

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