Cause and Effect Essay

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Younger children cannot take care of animals as easy as adults can. They can still have a loveable animal that they can enjoy. Among your basic household pet, the one that doesn’t require extensive or daily care and can be a loveable friend is best to be considered as a house pet for young children. In my opinion I feel that would be a smaller dog like the Samoyed Staffordshire. Not only are they good in size, but they are also more fun and affectionate than most cats, fish, and birds. Medium and larger dogs may also be affectionate towards children, but due to their size they may overwhelm a small child. The Samoyed Staffordshire does require daily care as every other dog, but does not have an odor or much dander and shedding. …show more content…
Boston terriers are extremely happy go lucky. They are eager to please their owners, which causes them to be easily trained and have overwhelming friendly personalities. Therefore even though the Boston terrier has a more medium build rather than a small build, they would be great lovable friends for a small child. A large breed, the Saint Bernard, is also great around kids. It requires just about the same daily care as the small and more medium dogs, but the size may be way too scary for a small child. That’s right the big one, the Saint Bernard. He too likes to be played with every day. Although the Saint Bernard is such a big dog they are still very loyal and affectionate. They must be well socialized with people and other dogs though, to prevent any fearfulness or aggression. Even though they are very playful a dog that size may be too big to be wrestling with a child. They have a very fast growth rate and weight, which means the child’s growth, will not keep up with the Saint Bernard’s! Proper food and exercise is required so an adult would be best to raise this breed of dog not a child. As far as their grooming, they do need to be groomed daily, but only given a bathe when necessary. That and their eyes require special attention to keep their eyes free from irritants. It’s hard for a young child to maintain their own health and grooming let alone for a dog that’s ten times bigger than they are. You also have household cats.

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