Causes Of Fascism

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Many certain people have risen to power and done evil things. One of the most effective thing is fascism. It has caused evil, hate, anger towards people, but most of all it is "The Legacy of Hate." Fascist people are a group of ideologist people that have been influential in many Countries. Most common Fascism acts have been happening in World War, Germany, and many other countries through out the world. It has been a threat to communist, and caused depression, fear, and war with Countries and people against one another.
The most greatest cause of growth of fascism was caused by the first war that happened between Europe Countries. Everything has influenced them so much that they started being against certain things like democracy, taxes,
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Communist new ideoligist plans started outgrowing fascism that has caused a psychology of hatred. The dictator, Hitler, has risen through fascism. He wanted to control the economy and build a military for was against other countries. Because of him this caused distruction. He had many crazy ideas, even now days his ideas are still here. The fascist Germany Adolf Hitler caused has swept Europe. He has caused the whole country to join them. A man in the video, "Fascism- Legacy of hate" said, "We have been in a phobic and fascist movement. There is no reasoning behind it, and it is only a question of having a strong battle in between a block of two powerful parties which do not want to lose this power and they can put all arguments on the table to attack us." This man is saying that the fascist people do not even have a reason behind this act, all they want to do is have more power against each one another. Which it starts giving them the ideas of creating arguments. Which creates battle and war towards two powerful parties. Haider, the son of two commited Nazis, he praised Hitlers employment policies for defending and dismissing Nazis concentration camps, that have been caused by Hitlers hatred towards Jews and other countries, as punishment camps. Haider is a fascist that has been influenced by Hitler. He was on Hitlers side and has been effect by Hitlers ideas, thoughts, and words. Haider has …show more content…
That causes a lot of hate towards people. More wealthy, good jobs, good wages, and all the comfortable economical things, have caused people that live in poor, low wages, bad jobs, homes, to move into the wealthier countries to get better jobs and better living. This has caused a lot of wealthier country people to grow mad and hateful. Which leads them into being fascist. They do not want immigrants taking away their wealth and wealthy lifestyle. The Austrian Hungarian border is where the outsiders are literally kept out. The police and military control the frontier from immigrants. Thousands of human immigrants have been arrest from the fascist and hatred government. These immigrants have been trying to cross the border and make it through without being caught. The police and military never know how much immigrants make it through without being caught. Immigration has been the freedoms party forter. Their policy toward immigrants was totally clear and against them. The freedom party is strictly against immigration of any sort. This has caused more countries to join the declaration of war. This caused more tolerance, hate and most of all fascism. A woman in the video "Fascism- The Legacy of Hate ' said, "The European Union is building up its own iron curtain on our side and this makes me angry." This woman does not want these people on her side of the country, she is

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