Essay about Cause And Effect Of Child Abuse

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Cause and effect of Child abuse It’s extremely difficult to imagine a child being put through any kind of pain; however, it is very common in the world. It has become a controversial topic around the world. Child abuse is an act committed when a parent or caretaker causes, or fails to call attention a life risk of, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse towards a child under eighteen years of age. This final paper will include a more depth look at the physical, sexual, emotional and social effect on individuals. In addition, the paper will discuss substances abuse and other potential causes.
Mind of An abuser
Even though, there isn’t a clear explanation for child abuse, multiple studies have emerged stated its problems that humans face. According to a study done by the practice nurse, it is said to be that there is a greater chance someone who is particularly close with the child; such as a relative is likely to be an abuser as opposed to a stranger (Thurston, 2006). Although there isn’t any thorough plan to assess the mind of someone who can find pleasure in harming children; however, in order to find the answer to as why people commit such terrible acts, several studies have been examined. Over the last few decades, the term moral panic has surfaced, which basically relates to children causing harm to other. (Barter and Berride, 2011). This seems very realistic because, over the course of years, we have seen young children commit such horrifying acts. In…

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