Causative Agent Of Hiv / Aids Essay

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Causative Agent: The causative agent of HIV/AIDS is the human immunodeficiency virus. The HIV is the causative agent that may lead to acquired immune deficiency syndrome. HIV is a virus belonging to the family of RNA viruses called retrovirus. The virus is enveloped and an intracellular parasite that infects any host cells in order to replicate rather than on their own while destroying them from doing their job (What Is HIV/AIDS?, 2015). Human Immunodeficiency Virus is very small, it is measured in nanometers and also can not be seen under a microscope. The pro virus of HIV is HIV DNA because HIV RNA gets transformed into HIV DNA that is then put into the host cell, letting it replicate.
The HIV virus has been around since the 1920s but was not officially recognised until the 1980s. It is highly believed that the virus came about from apes and monkeys. The theory goes that, in the past a hunter who was killing and eating the simians and also might have gotten fluids into any cuts or wounds he might of had (How HIV infects the body and the lifecycle of HIV | AVERT, 2015). In the late 1980s the FDA approved an antiviral drug that helps slow the process of replication. After this occurred scientist continued to make new better drugs for the infected. There is no vaccine to prevent or treat the HIV but there are scientist who are trying to create and make one that could potentially be useful and successful. The world 's common knowledge and attitudes toward…

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