Cathy Song, Her Heritage Essay

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Ever wondered where your ancestors came from? What were they like? What did they become? Well for Cathy Song, her heritage was the success of her life. As a young girl, Song grew up as Chinese-Korean American and knew that she wanted to write about her family’s history. Song has taken her written career serious and tries to educate her readers with the terrible lives of arranged marriage women, through the art of poetry. Not only does she write about her family’s ancestry, but she loves to incorporate the whole Chinese culture into her poems. Cathy’s strong eye for detail and imagery in her poems really captures the message that she is trying to portray to the audience. Song has not only won many awards but stands out for unique style of writing, her diverse culture background, and her commitment to her students and community. Cathy Song was born and raised in Wahiawa, Hawaii and is of Korean and Chinese decent. Song was the second child of three and born to Ella, a Chinese immigrant who was a seamstress, Andrew Song, a Korean pilot. Song’s father and grandfather both had arranged marriages that where set up by a picture of their wives, that a couple years later they would meet. Since her father was a pilot, this lead to her family traveling quiet frequently. Song says that this traveling was her inspiration to write her poems. When she was nine years old she knew that she “wanted to be the family chronicler” (“Cathy Song”). Song started her writing when she attended…

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