Catfish In The Bathtub Analysis

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1. Wong and Kingston wrote about two different situations in their past reflecting their own cultural background a- In “The struggle to be an all American girl”, Wong shows her disdain of being obliged to attend the Chinese school, and her desire to be an all American girl. b- In “Catfish in the bathtub”, Kingston is only interested in the traditional food of the Chinese culture.
2. The mentality of the author’s mothers are relatively the same a- Both mothers obliged their children to be associative with their culture b- Both authors refused to obey their mothers
3. The purpose intended by Wong and Kingstone from writing the articles are different unlike the tone which was similar a- The purpose of Wong was to criticize
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However, sometimes we are proud of some memories that impress us, and we will always remember them. But what if our parents, traditions or our culture are not that remarkable for us? Should we adjust with them, or regret the moment we had with them? Both Elizabeth Wong and Maxine Hong Kingston wrote about their association with their heritage regarding some traditions. For instance, Kingston opens her article “The Catfish and the Bathtub” with a lengthy list of Chinese foods that Kingston’s mother prepared and that was very disgusting as Kingston describes in the article. Similarly, Wong’s “The Struggle to Be an All American Girl” was written to express her feelings towards learning a foreign language and how she and her brother were forced by their mother to attend the Chinese school. The differences between college and high school are pronounced, and they deserve thorough …show more content…
To illustrate, Kingston’s purpose in writing her article was to describe a particular ritual in a culture which is the food. She also mentioned the monkey feast to show how much she was appalled by the brutality that transpired during this feast. Therefore, her purpose was to only show that he didn’t enjoy eating that traditional Chinese food. However, Wong purpose was not only restricted in mentioning the unpleasant language and the classes she attended in the Chinese school, but she also criticized a whole country by its culture, language, people, smell… For instance, she said “the language was a source of embarrassment”, “the room smelled like Chinese medicine”, and she even criticized her grandmother’s way of speaking and how it was embarrassing to her Moreover, in her narrative article, the tone of Wong showed a kind of criticism and disapproval of learning Chinese and being forced by her mother to do that. For example, she especially focused on the negative memory of her experience in the Chinese school, and the smell of her classes while she favored the soft perfume her American teacher wore in American school. In a similar way, Kingston showed in her descriptive article a passive tone which describes her mother’s unique culture in preparing food. To illustrate, Kingston devotes a full, detailed

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