Essay about Catching Up, Or Leading The Way, American Education

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Introduction The book, Catching Up, or Leading the Way, American Education in the Age of Globalization, by Yong Zhao began as a book about China’s education, but turned into a book about American education being at a crossroad: one which could destroy America’s future in education, and one in which it could strengthen America’s future in education as well as globally. Zhao believes that the U. S. has been reforming education to look more like China’s, with more standardized testing and less individualism, while China has learned that their education system needs to be transformed to be able to compete in today’s innovative global society through more individualized teachings. I believe that America has been so busy trying to stay “on top”, that they have allowed the education system to “fall behind.”
With so many education reforms in the U.S., Zhao was able to set the tone of the book by giving different perspectives on how to look at education reform and its global effects on society in both America and Asian countries. Zhao discussed different events that has lead up to more government control in education in the U. S. since 1958. Policies such as the National Defense Education Act, the Vocational Education Act, the No Child Left Behind Act, among others has led to more federal involvement in American education resulting in further mandates and procedures in how to educate students in America. Zhao discussed the reason why America has not lost its battle in…

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