Catalase Lab Report Essay

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An enzyme is a tertiary globular protein. The function of an enzyme is to lower the activation energy of either the creation or breaking apart of a chemical bond. By lowering the activation energy of this process, the reaction of bonding, or in this case breaking apart, is sped up. An enzyme breaks apart the substrate in the active site of the enzyme; this is where the magic happens. Substrate is what is being broken apart by the enzyme. In this case, the enzyme is catalase and the substrate is hydrogen peroxide, or 2H2O2. As the catalase and the substrate interact, the substrate is brought into the catalase and broken apart into water and oxygen. This process may be able to happen naturally, but the enzyme, catalase, speeds up the …show more content…
The filter was then dropped into one of the 3% H2O2 vials. The distance traveled and the time was recorded in the data chart. This process was repeated for each of the test tubes at different temperatures. In this experiment, there were many possibilities of error. In general, there is always human error. This could cause measurements to be off a bit, timing to be too long or too short, or even

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