Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Essay

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Grace Newfrock
Mrs. Dunphy
Honors American Studies
31 March 2010
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Essay In the play, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Tennessee Williams mentions explores realism on a new dimension. He mentions controversial themes such as suicide, sex, marital issues, alcoholism, and greed. Although Williams experienced his fair share of drama in his lifetime, he is able to bring together many of the issues that many Americans were experiencing in their own homes. A critic once said, “His plays deal with a serious them- a them as in self-pity, the persistence of memory that holds people in its grip, and will not let them get on with their lives”. In this play, he specifically relates this self-pity and haunting memories to one of
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After that night, Brick is never the same person again. He cannot live with himself and the realization that he is partly responsible for his best friend’s death. He holds himself accountable and cannot live with the guilt and sorrow he feels. He spirals out of proportion and resorts to drinking until he feels the “click”. Once the click occurs, he can tolerate himself, and the pain he feels subsides for a few hours of drunken stumbling. This mirrors the emotions that Williams felt after his partner passed away of cancer. Likewise, Williams spiraled out of proportion after this tragic event, and resorted to alcoholism and addict to ease the pain he experienced. Williams also addresses the issue of marital relationships, and how they can be torn by the emotions of a partner. After Brick realizes that he contributed to Skipper’s death, and that Maggie was allegedly unfaithful, he shuns her. He completely shuts her out of his life, and will not go anywhere near her. His hatred for her comes partly from the guilt he is feeling, and partly from the betrayal that he feels from her. He is hurt that she would even consider being with another man, because he loves her. He does not show it until the end of the play, but he does love Maggie, and he regrets that day when their lives changed. Brick distanced himself from Maggie and his family, who are the people who were there to support him the most. Despite the setbacks, Brick

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