Castles and Knighthood Essay

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Castles and Knighthood


a) This is a typical castle, its name is Harlech.
a) Questions about the features of a castle

Q: What was the moat for?
A: The moat was mainly used to stop enemies from reaching the walls but its other use was to make a reflection of the castle in order to make it look bigger.

Q: What is a drawbridge?
A: A drawbridge was a defensive mechanism that allowed access to the castle by providing a temporary bridge across the moat. This bridge can be withdrawn in the case of an attacking force; this was done with a winch.

Q: What were castles made of?
A: Stone, mortar and wood. These were the simple components used to construct some of the
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Catapults to launch rocks over or into the walls, also to fire diseased cows over the walls in order to spread disease.
Trebuchets to launch things higher and faster than catapults.
Ballistas to launch six spear-sized arrows into the lines of defending soldiers.
Battering Rams to provide constant blows to a single spot.

Mobile Assault Towers to give attacking soldiers protection and sometimes a higher position than the defending walls allowing a perfect archer position.


Our plan will include both covert and overt action. While heavy weapons such as battering rams, catapults, trebuchets and towers are trying to breach the walls, the most devastating attacks will come from underneath. Our medieval miners will find a weak point in the castle's wall, and tunnel under the foundation, preferably at a corner. After they dig to their goal, loads of dry wood and brush will be used to fill the tunnel cavity. Everyone will exit, and the last miner will set the fuel on fire. The strategy is, the blaze will cause the tunnel to collapse causing castle walls to fall, or be damaged enough to further exploit the weakness. Defending armies will try to defect our miners' efforts using buckets of water while they do this we will break through the walls and capture the castle.

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