Essay on `` Cask Of The Amontillado `` By Edgar Allen Poe

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Douglas Horton once said, “ While seeking revenge, dig two graves-one for yourself.” Revenge is an interesting topic, and many people have many different takes on it. However, revenge is almost always detrimental to all parties involved. In Edgar Allen Poe’s “Cask of the Amontillado”, Montresor seeks revenge against Fortunato who has wronged him in the past. In Pierre Morel’s Taken, the main character takes revenge on an organization that has been terrorizing his family. Both stories have much in common and depict the idea that revenge destroys all parties in their use of characters, themes, and conflict. One of the ways both stories show that revenge is destructive to both parties is through their use of characters. In the Poe story “Cask of the Amontillado”, Montresor kills Fortunato to get revenge: “I thrust a torch through the remaining aperture and let it fall within. There came forth in return only a jingling of bells. My heart grew sick-on account of the dampness of the catacombs. I hastened to male an end of my labor. I forced the last stone into its position; I plastered it up. Against the new masonry I re-erected the old rampart of bones. For half a century no mortal has disturbed them” (Poe 214). This is the point in the story that Montresor seals Fortunato into a brick room, cementing his death. Montresor takes revenge on Fortunato, but he also undoubtedly hurts himself in the process. The fact that Montresor has to live with himself knowing that he killed…

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