Case Summary 3 Essay

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Marlina Seignon
EDA 601 April 25, 2012
1) Summarize the case
Laurel Palm Middle School was considered to be a successful school. It was one of the top ten performing schools. For three successive years, it had been awarded a National Distinguished School Award. The school had had a strong culture of teaching and learning. Parents were engaged in planning school programs and improving all aspects of the school and its operations.
Ms. Avery, the principal instituted specific curriculum goals and objectives that aligned with the school district. She organized a team of parents and teachers who was in charge of developing new
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3- Ms. Wright is one of the members of the community and therefore should have the right to her opinion. It is a public matter.
4- I would have explained the three major principles on teaching about religion in public schools: 1) The Supreme Court has made it clear that study about religion in public schools is constitutional. 2) Inclusion of study about religion is important in order for students to be properly educated about history and culture. 3) Religion is to be taught objectively and neutrally. It enables schools to educate students about a variety of religious traditions, but not indoctrinate them into any tradition.

5- Yes, it should be common practice to keep the line of communication open with not only one’s supervisor but also his/her staff. Everyone should be on the same page.
6) I would send a survey to parents asking them about their opinions prior to approving the religious studies curriculum. I would send a letter to parents asking for their support at the site meeting.
7) None.
8) A Teacher’s Guide to Religion in the Public Schools
9) As a principal, I believe in transparency. There is not much that one can do about this particular situation. Programs in schools including their curriculum should always be public information. The committee and parents had always done a great job.
10) I don’t believe so. I would ensure that the school’s approach to religion is academic but not devotional and strive for students’ awareness of religions but

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