Case Study on a Patient with Appendicitis Essay

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Case study
Patient name: J.K
Sex: Male
Race: Fijian
Age: 47

Personal History
Mr. J.K is married with four children. He describes himself as a socialable person likes to explore new things.
He works at the Nasinu Town Council as a Carpenter

Family History: -his father is a known diabetic patient and his grandmother died of leukemia -his paternal uncle had died from septicemia.
Social History:
Cigarettes 1 pack per week x 12years now; he stopped smoking in 2000 and continued again recently. He drinks alcohol occasionally when a function occurs at home. Social drinker. He has been married for 18years; he has 4 children who are healthy. He is currently a carpenter at Nasinu Town Council.
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Reduce blood supply to wall of appendix gets little or no nutrition and O2. H also means a little or no supply and other natural fighters of infection found in the blood being made available to the appendix within 36 hours from the point of luminal obstruction, worsening the process of a appendicitis. This leads to necrosis and perforation of the appendix pus formation occurs when nearby wbc are requited to fight the bacterial invasion. A combination of deal wbc bacterial . and dead tissue makes up pus. The content of the appendix (fecalith, pus and mucus see) are then released into the gen.abdominal cavity, brining causing peritonitis. So in acute appendicitis, bacterialcolonization folous only when the process have commended. These events occur so rapidly, that the complete path of appendicitis takes about one to three days. This is why delay can be deadly. Pain in appendicitis is thus caused, initially by the distention of the wall of the appendix and later when the grossly inflamed

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