Case Study : Working With The Family System Essay

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Izzie Case Reflection Paper
1. In working with the family system, point out ways that you could assist in diminishing the following (oppression, marginalization, alienation, privilege and power)?
Engaging diversity and recognizing difference in social work practice is key to diminishing oppression, marginalization and alienation. This is because diversity plays a major role in shaping the human experience, as well as in forming identity. Diversity itself is a complex issue that is affected by various variables such as age, gender, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, political ideology, and sexual orientation. These variables also have the capacity to create experiences of power and privilege. Thus, depending on the way in which these differences impact an individual’s life, one may experience oppression, marginalization and alienation.
Izzie is clearly a victim of marginalization and alienation, a situation that is largely linked to her Mexican background. In this case, ethnicity and culture are major factors that have exerted influence in Izzie’s identity formation. These same factors have also shaped her human experience. In order to diminish experiences of oppression, marginalization and alienation, it is important to make links between the oppression and marginalization that Izzie experiences, and her ethnicity and culture. Through these links, one can then begin to better understand the role of various sociocultural factors in shaping her life experiences, including…

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