Case Study : Williams Machine Tool Company Essay

822 Words Nov 13th, 2016 4 Pages
Williams Machine Tool Company is an example of business that had gained lots of profits and low employee turnover rate in the past time. The company was the third major US machine tool company in 1990. The company had had only one production line for their product. In that time, they didn’t want to develop new product. They believed that the business could be successful with production line. However, they had faced the recession in 1995. Revenue was down because they didn’t have new product to present to the market. Finally, the company was sold to Crock Engineering. Several issues made the company changes in terms of a strategic planning, a corporate culture and an organizational structure. Firstly, the strategic planning is a process of setting the plan and direction of the company to be successful in the future time. It can be helpful the company for an assessment of current company situations, the forecasted future opportunities, and a guideline of employees and managers to meet company vision. According to William Machine Tool Company, the company had been found in the past 85 years ago. The company didn’t set any plans to face with the new situation in the future. They had used the same strategic every time since the past time. For example, the company had produced only the standard machine tools. They didn’t develop the new product to customers that were asking for new design. Thus, the demands had been decreased from the customers during the company had confronted…

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