Case Study United Airlines

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Question 1:
Part A:
It is managing profitable customers relationships and to create value for customers and to capture value from customers in return.
(Chapter 1, page 2, first paragraph)
Part B:
As the years pass, united airlines have to change some decisions that affect them to provide the best demands for the customers. The company used Market Segmentations which is the process of dividing a market into distinct groups of buyers with different needs or behaviors that might require separate products or marketing programs. These changes are in the demographic, cultural and economic environments.
First of all the demographic environment, it is one of the most important environments that united airlines has its regards because each different types of people has their demands, such as the age range for each group of people for example: the Adults (from 21 to 40) need entertainment on the airlines to enjoy their time spent and for their satisfaction till they arrive their destinations. Also, the Old parents (from 45 to 60) need to be comfortable and relaxed till they reach their destinations. This situation means that the united airlines have to develop their marketing strategy to the next level to ensure all their demands
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So to prevent this kind of weakness is by always try to help the customers with their needs and

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