Essay about Case Study : The Business Problem

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UMUC White Paper
Tariqsalim Alhassan
November, 25 2016
The business problem
With 75,000 customers worldwide, 250 employees working in four locations in the United States and three European offices, and a catalog of more than 100,000 parts, Ullman, Manly & Ulysses Corporation (UMUC) relies on its network for its survival. In the past decade, UMUC has seen its business grow from just one location and a few local customers to the worldwide supplier it is today. But in the process of growing exponentially, it has overwhelmed its telecommunications network, which is currently managed by an outside telecommunications network management company. According to rackAID (2015), One of the most common reasons why a network crashes is that it can 't handle the amount of requests. Since the network keeps crashing, it seems like UMUC might have a bandwith or security problem. This report provides a viable business and technical solution along with a risk management plan.
Proposed technology solution
UMUC needs to upgrade it 's current network infrastructure because the one they have can 't support their systems. The network crashes hurts their image and costs them money and if it is not fixed as soon possible, will continue to hurt them. UMUC needs to intergrate a Virtual Private Network (VPN) into their organization. For this upgrade, the company will need dedicated equipment that has secure encryption. A site to site VPN will work well for this scenario. According to H., & H.…

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