Case Study : Supply Chain Management Essay

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The success of any company is based on the accessibility to fill the demand for products or services, the speed with which a product can reach the customers or market, additionally maintaining a good relationship with its suppliers.
Supply Chain Management is a way to set the parameters with which a company or business can operate while attending the demand for products or services, with a line of providers of materials, equipment and other services required for the end product to reach the market and, of course, the consumers. (see Figure 1)
Having an efficient supply chain management, helps companies reduce costs, either for transportation or storage, shorting distances, by having availability to or from suppliers to or from the consumers, having a warehouse or distribution center is an important part of the system, it helps reduce time in fulfilling an order and at the same time, it shortens distances whit suppliers. There are three main processes that are related to Supply Chain Management, customer relationship, order fulfillment, and relationship with suppliers. Supply Chain Management, can be internal and governs collaboration and confrontation and coordination between different departments and areas of the company for the facilitation and either the production or design of a product or for the provision of a service. (“Fundamentals of" n.d.).
Supply Chain Management is the management of all activities involved that facilitate the compliance with an order…

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