Case Study : Supply Chain Management Essay example

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There were many researches about supply chain management, few of them focused on logistic, procurement, distribution etc. So, it is necessary to do deep research on supply chain risk management(SCRM) and their impact on supply chain performance. The scope and opportunity of the predictable application of risk management are too acceptable to effectively respond to the complication and extent of the modern supply chain organization. Research indicates that firms which cannot effectively anticipate and mitigate supply chain risk tend to suffer in terms of performance (Mitchell 1995; Chopra and Sodhi 2004; Sheffi and Rice 2005).
The complexities, challenges and uncertainties linked with modern supply chain management require a different but essential approach to the management of supply chains. The distances and complexities associated with global supply chains highlight both the negative consequences of supply chain disruptions and the strategic importance of SCRM (Christopher and Lee 2004; Manuj and Mentzer 2008a, 2008b; Christopher and Holweg 2011; Christopher et al. 2011; Son and Orchard 2013). SCRM is a multidisciplinary concept that incorporates logistics, SCM, operations management, strategic management, and international business (Manuj and Mentzer 2008b). Due to the broad nature of SCRM and the wide scope of practices involved, identifying better ways to manage supply chain risk is an important managerial role (Trent 2004; Dittmann 2012).


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