Case Study : Successful And Effective Managers Essay examples

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In this self-reflection paper, I would like to discuss successful and effective managers. I assumed that there is no difference successful or effective manager and all successful managers are effective. Unfortunately, my experience showed me that is not always true. Furthermore, Fred Luthans’s research demonstrates us on which managerial activities focus average, successful and effective manager. There are two parts of this essay that persuade me forward to put that successful manager and effective manager is different. Thus, first of all, Luthans’s experiment and allocation of managerial activities will be presented. I addition, I will give an example of my business life to show the difference between successful and effective managers.

The study of Luthan separated managerial activities in four sections that based on traditional management, human resources management, networking and communications. Managers use their time to allocate to these management activities. For example, successful managers use greatest of their time with networking that is almost half of their time. They allocate their other half time with communication by 28%, traditional management by 13%, and human resources management by 11%. However, effective managers spend more time with communication by 44%, human resources management by 26%, traditional management by 19% and networking 11%. We can recognize obviously a significant difference between successful and effective managers accordingly…

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