Essay on Case Study : ' Starbuck 's Experience '

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The distinguished “Starbuck’s experience” is enjoyed by its customers in the latest function of its Supply Chain through the interaction of retail and customers. After redesigning its supply chain, Starbucks calls this function “Deliver”. Starbucks had four different channels to get its high-end product to the final consumer. The company sells its products through a combination of operated stores, licensed stores, other channel development (CPG), and e-commerce.
Company Operated Stores
As of Year End 2014, Starbucks® had 10,713 company operated stores in US, Canada and the rest of the world which accounts for approximately 50.14% of its operations and 78.9% of its revenues (Appendix X & Y). These stores are located in high visible, highly traffic areas and some of them offer drive-through service to add accessibility to its customers. All locations vary in size, style, and all of these company operated stores in the US, Canada and some of the international shops provide free wireless internet to add to the in-store experience.
All company operated stores offer the full variety of products sold by the Starbucks brand (Starbucks Coffee, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Teavana, Tazo, Evolution Fresh, la Boulange and Torrefazione Italia Coffee). These products include more than 30 blends of premium coffee, handcrafted beverages, merchandise, fresh food, Coffee and Tea and ready-to-drink products (Appendix Z). Each store varies the inventory of these products depending on the store…

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