Essay on Case Study : Replacements, Ltd.

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Replacements, Ltd. began as a hobby for Bob Page, who enjoyed scavenging flea markets for crystal and china. In 1981, that hobby became a full-time occupation for Mr. Page. Today Replacements, Ltd. is the leader in its field, and employs 400+ employees. Not only is Replacements, Ltd. the largest retailer of its kind in the world, but it is also literally a large facility comprised of two buildings which span the size of eight football fields. Although Mr. Page’s original dream has been realized and grown exponentially, the company is experiencing a downturn in its profits and trying to determine how best to reinvent itself.
Replacements, Ltd. has several areas of functionality. Logistically, they have a receiving department that accepts not only large lots of kitchenware, but also individual pieces or collections from sellers. These materials are inspected for value and authenticity and placed into stock. Inventory is indexed and photographed, before being added to the floor for sale. Some items are located in the showroom, while others are kept in the warehouse. These items are then sold through numerous ways. Phone and internet orders are taken, as well as showroom purchases. Depending on customer preference, orders can be picked up, taken home, or shipped.
Phone and internet orders are sent to the warehouse to be picked from Replacements, Ltd. massive inventory. There are over twelve million pieces, with 440,000 identified patterns, and only two percent of that is…

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