Case Study : Problem Facing Patients Essay

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Case Study #1 One problem facing patients in hospitals today is that personnel hired to do a job are incompetent or even physically unable to do the job. Surprisingly this is not that uncommon. This seems to be a widespread problem, not just in nursing homes or assisted living places. In the hospital there are so many nurses and other faculty members who lack even a basic understanding of the job they are providing. They merely follow doctor orders and fail to provide the most basic level of care. This is unacceptable yet seems to be the status quo. There also seems to be a lack of caring on the part of the healthcare provider, especially if the patient has chronic illness and visits the hospital frequently (Moss, Nelson, Connor, Wensley, McKinlay, Boulton, 2015).
These nurse’s had to go through extensive training to become a nurse, so they have to have received training on basic skills and knowledge base. Also licensing boards requires continuing education. Have they forgotten their training? Perhaps the training they received was sub-par, Or they are burnout from being overworked and underpaid, along with not gaining the recognition and appreciation they feel they deserve. I would be very concerned for my family member. I would probably question the nurse about the skills required as well as the procedures they plan to perform on my loved one. If they are unable to provide adequate response I would stay by my loved one’s side for as long as visiting hours would permit…

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