Case Study: PLANMECA

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One of many duties a dental assistant is responsible for is to take radiographs for patients before the dental appointment or during if the doctor request them. These radiographs are used so the doctor can diagnose if there is any cavities, diseases ECT. As well dental hygienist use those radiographs to identify calculus and periodontal diseases. Radiographs take a big role in dentistry. As a student graduating as a dental assistant I have notice and experienced with patients that patients question the fact why they are getting x-rays and if the dose of radiation they are being exposed to is bad. Studies have shown that the exposure in dental x-rays is very low and still many patients doubt on those studies and refuse to get x-rays done. Radiology in general is tough, as
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It was a great experience because I realized how important the dental field is and how it is evolving every day to make things easier and to meet patient’s needs. At the conference exhibit hall, I came across a panoramic machine that caught my attention. The company’s name is PLANMECA. There is many reasons why I choose to talk about it because it has to do with radiology and I love the fact that PLANMECA has great panoramic machines that can convince anyone. In this essay I will talk about why PLANMECA convinced me and why it benefits dentists to invest in this specific pano machine.
PLANMECA has a wide variety of panoramic machines in the market but the two I am going to talk about are the Planmeca ProOne and the Planmeca ProMax 2D. These machines offer the most advanced and versatile devices and software that meet all 2D and 3D needs intraorally and extraorally. The neat part of all this is that these machines are compatible with Mac OS and Windows software, so that can make it easy for the staff to learn how to use these machines in a fast time period if they have background knowledge of

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