Case Study : Orr Associates Inc. Essays

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Orr Associates Inc. (OAI) started working with the newly formed Partnerships Team on August 1, 2015. Our goal was to implement the transition and role clarity recommendations outlined in OAI’s Staff Assessment. This included transforming the original project managers into Partnership Managers to better support implementation so that Partnership Directors could focus on cultivating and soliciting current donors and new prospects.

Along with implementing the new organizational structure for the Partnerships Team, OAI also prioritized pipeline development and management, including the identification of new prospects and developing a sales strategy with collateral materials for new Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) assets.

In this report, we describe progress, opportunities, and challenges for three areas: 1) implementing the new organizational structure; 2) developing a sales strategy for new GSUSA assets; and 3) pipeline development and management. Finally, we make recommendations for continued growth of this important team

Implement New Organizational Structure for Partnership Team
Manager and Director Roles
At the beginning of our engagement, the Partnership Directors (Directors) and Partnership Managers (Managers) still functioned as separate and independent teams. Both teams lacked strategic direction and guidance. Across the board, Managers shared concerns about the impact the new structure would have on their day-to-day work. In addition, they expressed…

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