Case Study on Why Apple Inc Was Successful in Emerging in the Canadian Market

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International Business Case Study I decided to do my international business case study on Apple and Canada. I chose Apple because they are phenomenal in the global business market and who better to look at then the company that pretty much wrote the book on emerging into foreign markets. I chose Canada because it was a country that is right next to America but completely is completely different. How does Apple, a technology company, not operate wrong and fail miserably in the Canadian market? I will explain how I believe they were able to be successful and still prosper to this day. Apple was founded on April first, nineteen seventy six and incorporated January first, nineteen seventy seven. It was founded by Ronald Wayne, Steve …show more content…
They operate on the Canadian Dollar, which was changed from the Canadian Pound back in eighteen forty one and is currently the sixth most traded currency in the world. Roughly three-quarters of Canada’s international business is with the United States of America. This is because NAFTA allows America and Canada to trade easier and cheaper. The top ten traded materials are mostly raw materials like crude oil and petroleum, wood, natural gas, gold, and potassium chloride, but they also trade vehicles like cars, aircraft, and spacecraft. The relationship between the United States of America and Canada is long and strong, it has lasted over two centuries where the last conflict between the two countries was during the War of eighteen twelve but there ended up being no border changes and the two have kept a good relationship since.
This plays towards Apples favor because Canada is a strong trading partner with the United States it was much easier to open up retail store fronts in Canada. Apple only has a few products but they are all quality products that are very popular amongst the Canadian people. They emerged onto the Canadian scene in North York, Toronto which is a bigger city in Canada. Although Apple has been exporting their products to Canada via internet sales and even secondary retail stores like

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