Nosocomial Infections Study Guide

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Prevention of Nosocomial Infections
Class Description: The course will provide the students with a solid foundation in understanding the concepts of prevention of the nosocomial infections; including the risk factors and methods of prevention and will be able to employ the knowledge in the clinical setting.
Student Outcomes:
Upon completion of the class the students will be able to:
• Describe nosocomial infections, including its etiology, risk factors, methods of prevention, and the principles of antibiotic stewardship.
• Discuss the common clinical manifestations and treatment plan for the patients with nosocomial infections in the clinical setting.
• Demonstrate the techniques of prevention of nosocomial infections such as hand washing.
• Perform
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The lecture is a way to introduce new material, continue discussion of a topic, and sum up course content, as well as present large blocks of complex and confusing information. In this class, the students are introduced to a new topic – “prevention of nosocomial infection”. Therefore, the lecture will be the best passive strategy that can be used in the classroom setting to convey the information.
Rationale for Using Lecture:
In this class, the lecture will be delivered by highlighting the common sources of nosocomial infection such as blood stream infection, catheter related infection, ventilator associated pneumonia, and surgical site infections. The use of audiovisual aids such as power point slides with videos and pictures explaining the general measures of infection control such as the use of hand hygiene, isolation, and standard precautions will provide a detailed picturization of the lecture content (Mehta et al., 2014).

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