Warner Brothers Research Paper

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The Brothers

The brothers Warner had an interest in films since 1903. They were traveling exhibitors, moving throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania with their portable projector their sister Rose found in their attic. By 1907, the brothers had bought and were operating from a converted store in New Castle, Pennsylvania. They named it Cascade Theatre. Albert and Harry were selling tickets, Sam ran the hand-cranked projector, and Jack sang along to Rose’s piano playing during intermissions. Within that same year, they had opened two more theatres. On wednesday April 4, 1932, the Brothers Warner had founded their new film production company, Warner Brothers Pictures. They started off with silent films, when they were the only thing available, however,
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We were at the Western Electric’s New York Offices when we heard a mention of talking pictures. Vitaphone is how sound is played over the actor's actions and creates and talking picture. I can install the equipment needed in our new Studios in Brooklyn. This could be what we need to get out of our financial troubles,” persuaded Sam.
Very soon after that conversation, Sam, a self taught mechanic, installed the equipment in their Brooklyn studios. They decided that they would first use the equipment on The Jazz Singer, marking the end of the silent era.
The making of The Jazz Singer proved to be difficult. Since a movie with sound had not been previously made before, they had to teach themselves how to do it along the way. The Jazz Singer wasn’t entirely made up of sound, and title card were still used because it was so difficult to match the sound to the picture.
The Warner brothers helped out a lot in the making, however, the director, Alan Crosland, proved difficult to work with.
“You there, fix that light. Sam! Why is the sound not working. I knew it was a mistake to work with you,” Alan exclaimed one especially stressful day of filming. There were other problems too, such as the actors were unprofessional, the writer of The Jazz Singer didn’t write it well, among other rude statements. Alfred A. Cohn, the writer of The Jazz Singer ,did not like working with Alan, and visa
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“Gentlemen, gentlemen, please. Calm yourselves,” Sam said politely. Conversations like this happened offen on set, for Alan and Alfred were very stubborn men.
“This is it brothers! I can't believe you pulled it off. I’m so excited to see it!” Rose exclaimed to her brothers. It was October 6, 1927, and the Warner family was anxious about the premiere of The Jazz Singer.
“Shhhhhhh! It’s about to start,” They responded in unison. Rose just waved them off. White Rose was ecstatic about The Jazz Singer, the brothers were terrified. What is something went wrong, what if the audience hated it. All these what if’s were going on in the brothers head. Along with other worries, for Sam had died the previous day. As soon as the production was over, the audience stood up and clapped for what seemed like forever. The premier went perfectly and the Brothers went up in front and took a bow before the people. They were still clapping. All seemed well, minus Sam’s death, to the brothers. Their company was growing very rapidly, now one of the top in the business. They were out of their financial troubles, for The Jazz Singer had brought them more than $3

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