Case Study Of Tobacco Ad In India

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We all know that tobacco has negative health effects. Still, there are so many opinions that conflict with each other on the subject. Some of the population says “it’s my body and I will do what I want”. While the other portion of the population believes that the government should take a stance and prevent, if not completely make illegal tobacco products. In my case analysis on the ban of tobacco ads in India, my hopes are to fairly summarize the opinions of those in favor, opposing, and give my own thoughts on the subject. Beginning with the arguments that support the ban of tobacco advertising in India, a very powerful statement was made in the case analysis, which was that “tobacco is the most dangerous consumer product, and will kill …show more content…
When you are in charge of millions of people’s best interest, and well-being, what do you do when it comes to knowing something could kill them. Do you allow advertisement, especially geared towards the children and teenagers? This is truly an ethical dilemma that could affect all of the countries lives. Another area that the government has to think about is when these people do get cancer and are dying, who is funding the health care costs involved? Many will never be able to pay for services out of pocket, and this is a big burden put on the insurances especially with it basically being a self-imposed cancer or illness as a result of tobacco use. The government also has a major ethical dilemma when it comes to dealing with the rights of the people. As was cited in the case study, many people feel that if tobacco is not illegal, then what right would the government have in banning the advertisement of something that you can freely purchase at the store. Being ethical means that you want the people who are under you to trust and be able to rely on you (Carpenter, Taylor, Erdogan 2009). With that being said the government of India has a major undertaking in making sure its citizens are safe, and most importantly healthy. The government will have to weigh all of the consequences that may happen while imposing such a ban, and at the same time may have to provide some other type of outlet for the tobacco companies to market their products. They will also have to make sure to conduct their own studies to ensure that they are achieving the goals of the ban, which would hopefully result in a decline of tobacco use, as opposed to an increase, or no change at

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